How our timber can be used in fantastic cladding projects

With timber cladding becoming an ever-increasingly popular construction material, the Timbersource team have been seeing several enquiries coming through for cladding for some inspiring projects. 
This month we shine a light on a spectacular project from one of our clients who took advantage of Siberian Larch to create their dream home in the woods. 

The DIY collaboration was 3 years in the making and came to fruition at the end of the lockdown in the UK. The 3 story 3-bedroom house used Siberian Larch throughout. 

“After my excellent experience with Timbersource, I was happy to recommend them.
Many thanks to the team for their support in the project”.


This project illustrates the impact Siberian Larch can create as it brings out the orange colour when it is hit by the sun’s light. The weathering over time transforms Siberian Larch into an attractive silvery grey however Osmo oil is a good option if you want to retain the original vibrance. 

The benefits of timber cladding are plain to see. It offers greater sustainability, looks great in a variety of settings and gives your home fantastic insulation. The above project gives testament to all the brilliant benefits that timber cladding has to offer. 

Why you should work with Timbersource 

We are passionate about helping supply DIY and commercial projects with the materials they need to stay on track. Timbersource uses smart-sourcing internationally, helping us to find the best-priced timber for your needs. 

The QR code system that we use for Siberian Larch and indeed all our timbers gives us full visibility on the timber we have and in what sizes, reducing wastage and increasing the cost-effectiveness and sustainability for our customers. 

The Timbersource mill bespoke machines timber for various projects meaning we can match your needs as a customer. 

Our rapid lead times mean we can supply our timber at a speed our competitors struggle to match, giving you the timber, you need, and you give it a story through your projects. 


If you want to find out more about the Timbers we offer the projects they can be used in then please get in touch with a member of our expert team.