How Timbersoure can help self-employed joiners

Our customers tell us that some of the biggest challenges they face are when their clients insist on updates, which is compounded by suppliers that are slow to communicate. Materials can sometimes be a struggle to get hold of and the life of a self-employed joiner can be a lot like spinning plates. Here at Timbersource we understand the pitfalls, which is why we aim to make the lives of our clients that little bit easier in 2022 through our bespoke timber services.

We work with a range of customers across various sectors, but self-employed joiners are a bedrock of our community – supporting these trades is at the core of who we are!

Joiners work with a diverse range of woods and the product must be considered carefully to ensure the right timber is selected for the right application. We understand these decisions are a vital part of many construction & joinery projects, and the work is often fast paced, making the supplier a key partner within the chain.

Quick lead times 

Time constraints are often at the heart of issues for joiners, so when we supply quality hard and softwoods (like Iroko or Cedar) we always strive towards quick lead times. This keeps your projects moving and helps deal with fast turnarounds if you have been put under pressure from shifting deadlines. 


Self-selection and access 

Our ‘Walk-in’ service sets us apart from other companies. We know that each piece of timber is unique and whether you’re choosing a one-off board of ash for shelving or examining a pack with our team for a series or oak stair treads we can help you get exactly what you’re looking for. We welcome all our customers down to the Shepton Mallet yard so they can view before committing and talk with our team to see how we can optimise their boards.


Customer support 

We are a family run business and pride ourselves on quality customer service. From specification to dispatch we believe in expertise, and the combined knowledge of our team provides the ideal support to help guide you through your project.


Bespoke machining 

We are committed to utilising timber from ethical and robust sources and turning it into quality materials for you to use on your projects. The bespoke machining offered by Timbersource provides the right dimensions and lengths, no matter what you’re building.


Get in touch to find out how we can help you 

If you would like to find out more on how Timbersource can ease the pressures on you as a self-employed joiner, feel free to get in touch with our timber specialists.