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Timbersource are a leading European hardwood timber merchant in the UK. From the rich colour of
European Oak, Elm, and chestnut, to the lustrous sheen of French Walnut, there are species out
there for everyone and every application.

European Hardwood Timber Species 

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European Hardwoods Grading & Sustainability 

European grading systems are put in place to ensure transparency in the timber trade. They are strict, well accepted guidelines that will provide accurate information to the user so as an informed decision can be made on what grade of timber is suitable for the application it is being used for. 

An example of grading can be well defined in European Oak. Grades are stipulated by the presence, size and / or frequency of knots and splits on the 'best face' of the plank or board. The characteristics of the worst face are taken into account if they are likely to affect the performance of the timber in its intended use. Letters indicate the species and form of the timber e.g. QB1 (Quercus sawn from boule), and the number denotes the grade. 

Q = Oak (Quercus is the Latin for oak)

B = Waney edged boards 

F = Square edged boards 

P = Beams 

This link will provide a more in depth explanation with regards to the grading systems https://www.forestryengland.uk/

Most European timber exported to the United Kingdom, conforms to the strict criteria set out by a world recognised organisation PEFC, an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. PEFC is an abbreviation of: PROGRAM for the ENDORSMENT of FOREST CERTIFICATION. When a timber merchant gains rights to use the PEFC logo, they have proven to the organisation that timber imported, stocked and sold with the PEFC logo can be traced back to the forest from where it had grown to ensure the timber was from a sustainable source.

Timbersource are a leading online timber merchant in the UK, supplying European Hardwood Timber to the joinery, carpentry, construction and building trade at competitive prices. Click here to contact us. 


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