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Keruing Hardwood Timber Cut to Size

Asian Keruing is known for its incredible durability and resistance to damage, making it ideal for heavy-duty projects like trailer flooring. It is usually available in a set-sized half-lap profile. Order cut to size Keruing smooth planed squared edge.

Location: Exterior | Best for: Trailer Flooring | Density: High | Good for painting: No


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Cut to Size / Planed Keruing Timber

The sapwood is greyish-brown and distinct, and usually 50mm to 75mm wide. The heartwood varies from light red to reddish-brown or brown, darkening on exposure. The grain is usually straight but may be shallowly interlocked, and the texture is moderately coarse or coarse.

Many Tropical timbers including Keruing may be affected by the tiny Ambrosia beetle when the logs are fresh-felled and lying on the Forest floor in humid climates. As soon as the log is resawn and kiln-dried, the Ambrosia dies i.e. it is not continuous damaging woodworm. This is not considered a defect.

Ordering Keruing Timber

The benefits of Keruing timber derive mainly from its strength. It is moderately resistant to shock and moderately durable. While it is non-resistant to some termite breeds, it requires little maintenance, is very hard-wearing, and is ideal for both outdoor furniture and construction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keruing Timber

What can this timber be used for?

Keruing Timber is used for: Heavy Structural Use, Flooring, Lorry Beds, Wharf Decking and many more. Sizes we mainly stock are 50mm x 150mm sawn and 28mm x 140mm profiled Half-lap vehicle flooring, although some other sizes are available in limited quantities.

How strong and durable is this timber?

Keruing generally compares with teak in most strength categories, but it is a little stiffer, and about 40 per cent more resistant to shock loads.

Keruing is moderately durable, non-resistant to some termites and is resistant to preservative-treatments.

What are its physical properties?

The wood stains satisfactorily, but due to the resin, varnishing and polishing require a lot of care. It takes nails and screws reasonably well, but its gluing properties are variable. Normally sold air-dried. Some cupping may occur.

Keruing has high crushing strength and medium resistance to shock-loads. Exudes resin naturally in humid or warmer temperatures.

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