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 West African Idigbo Timber

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West African Idigbo Timber imported FAS PHND (Pin hole no defect) grade, is a yellow-brown coloured hardwood. It is commonly used as an inexpensive alternative to Oak due to its similarity when stained the same colour. When you order Idigbo timber cut to size from Timbersource, you’ll be able to choose from thicknesses of 25mm, 38mm, 51mm, 63mm, 76mm, and 100mm, widths of 80mm and wider, and lengths between 2.1m - 4.8m.

Simply select how you'd like your West African Idigbo Timber to be machined as well as the desired thickness, width and length using the Cutting List tool to the right, and we'll use the state of the art machinery found in our mill and machine shop to cut it to suit your specifications.

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Cut to Size / Planed West African Idigbo Timber

Imported from West Africa as FAS grade PHND (Pin hole no defect), Idigbo Timber is a yellow-brown hardwood that is often used for joinery, windows or doors, and interior fittings. It is both light and relatively durable, this wood is often used as a less expensive alternative to oak. Some pieces may have flecks of discolouration, but this is due to kilning and is not a defect.

Many Tropical timbers including West African Idigbo may be affected by the tiny Ambrosia beetle when the logs are fresh-felled and lying on the Forest floor in humid climates, as soon as the log is resawn and kiln-dried, the Ambrosia dies i.e. it is not continuous damaging woodworm. This is not considered a defect especially as this timber is frequently given a paint finish and either a coloured or dark stain typically hides any pin marks.

When you order Idigbo timber cut to size from Timbersource, you’ll be able to choose from thicknesses of 25mm, 38mm, 51mm, 63mm, 76mm, and 100mm, widths of 80mm and wider, and lengths between 2.1m - 4.8m.

Ordering West African Idigbo Timber

Ordering Idigbo Timber cut to size from Timbersource means receiving wood which is easy to work, with great nailing and glueing properties. Idigbo both turns and finishes well, and dries rapidly with very little degradation. Its heartwood is durable, and relatively resistant to termites, though the sapwood is vulnerable to the powder-post beetle. There is a high risk of irregular grain within West African Idigbo which may give an increased risk of movement.

Frequently Asked Questions about West African Idigbo Timber

What can this timber be used for?

Idigbo hardwood timber is used for joinery exterior and interior, decking, furniture components, decorative paneling, flooring, light construction and much more. Idigbo thicknesses: 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 100mm. Idigbo widths: 80mm & wider, mainly 100mm - 200mm & lengths 2.1m - 4.8m. 

How strong and durable is this timber?

Idigbo has excellent strength properties, being as strong and stiff as English oak in bending, although considerably softer and less resistant to shock loads

Idigbo is moderately durable. The heartwood is durable and moderately resistant to termite attack and the sapwood is liable to powder-post beetles. The heartwood is highly resistant to preservative treatments and the sapwood moderately resistant.

What are its physical properties?

The timber works easily with most hand and machine tools. It has little dulling effect on cutting edges and a clean finish is obtained in most operations. 

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