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Explore our range of Southern yellow pine softwood timber in various sizes as individual pieces from our yard and buy online at competitive prices. By finding a piece that works for your project you can save on machining costs and waste calculations that would usually make pieces more expensive. This is a great opportunity to work with pieces of high quality softwood without buying in large quantity at a high price. Each piece has its own unique code so the timber can be picked out and shipped to you anywhere in the UK next day.

Just go to Shop Timber below and start your search for the perfect piece by clicking on choose option.

For more information on how to pick a piece or if you need any information on our products please call us 01373469905 or email

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Check the Timber Guide for help with choosing the right timber for your project

Please note the ID number refers to one unique piece. Selecting the same ID no. may result in a substitute piece selected.

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