Professional Jointed Worktop Services in the UK

If you're looking for quality timber with a superior finish, our timber worktop services could be just what you're looking for. Simply choose your timber from the vast range available and select 'worktop' on the cutting list below.

Jointed Hardwood Timber Worktops

We manufacture a wide variety of good quality, jointed timber worktops which are suitable for use when putting together tables, desks and also kitchen top work surfaces. In particular, we have in our stock, panels of Scandinavian Redwood (Pine) and European Oak timber in various sizes.

Because we manufacture all the timber in our own workshops we can supply bespoke orders swiftly and at prices that are very competitive.

We can make the jointed timber worktops to suit your exact specifications in an extensive variety of different timbers and sizes. The staves are parallel-sawn, mainly in 90-150mm widths. They are then planed and edge-glued together. We then smooth them to a 120 grit wide-belt machine-sanded finish. They are left untrimmed so you can true-up on site but we wrap them carefully for delivery.

Worktop Aftercare Instructions 

Wood is a natural product that can be affected by heat and humidity. It is a hygroscopic product, meaning that it can gain and lose moisture in sympathy with its environment before, during, and after installation. For example, wood expands when the humidity level is high and contracts when the humidity level drops or if it is in close proximity to excessive heat. When this occurs, it is possible for it to cause bowing or warping.  



All worktops need to be stored flat immediately after delivery and on top of battens or supports and not directly on the floor surface. Each worktop should be separated by similarly spaced (inline) battens during storage. The storage area needs to be indoors, with a stable humidity, and somewhere that the worktops will not be subject to extreme temperatures.  

We recommend that you do not unpackage worktops unless:

  • The room humidity is stable – no more than 45% (cheap humidity meters are readily available from garden centres or similar shops).  
  • All building dust and debris has been cleaned and cleared.  
  • All wet trades are finished, and a sufficient period of time has been allowed for natural drying.  
  • Fresh plasterwork has been allowed to dry for a minimum of six weeks, or until the plaster is dry throughout.  

We can make your jointed worktop in any species you desire. Your worktop will suit your exact specification and can made in a variety of different sizes. The staves are parallel-sawn, mainly 90-150 widths. They are then planed and edge-glued together. We then smooth them to a 120-grit wide-belt machine-sanded finish. They are left untrimmed, so you can true-up on site, but we wrap them carefully for delivery. 

Jointed timber worktop available wood types:

European Oak Worktop

European Beech Worktop

American Ash Worktop

American Maple Worktop​​​​​​​

American Poplar / Tulipwoood Worktop​​​​​​​

West African Iroko Worktop​​​​​​​

West African Wenge Worktop​​​​​​​

West African Meranti Worktop​​​​​​​

American Oak Worktop​​​​​​​

American Cherry Worktop​​​​​​​

American Walnut Worktop

West African Sapele Worktop​​​​​​​

West African Idigbo Worktop​​​​​​​

American Douglas Fir Worktop

Southern Yellow Pine Worktop​​​​​​​


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