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If you're looking for timber to build structures, Timbersource can help.

Solid Oak Frame Structures

We offer a wide range of oak frame structures, such as gazebos, pergolas and garage ports which you can browse on the Timbersource website. Please allow up to 6 weeks from your order date as these structures are made to order by our suppliers in France. We can also supply bespoke frames made to your specific measurements as your project requires, thanks to our machining capabilities.

We use the highest quality Oak from France engineering the timber using our precision CNC machines. We supply a wide range of framed structures directly from our warehouse. A large selection of these can now be ordered directly online.

Log Store Frame

New to the Timbersource website are our fresh sawn oak frame structures, including log stores. Keep your logs dry and protected from the elements with an outdoor log store, so that you always have wood ready to make a log fire. The structures are made from solid oak to ensure sturdy and durable construction and high-quality appearance and are cut to precise measurements using a CNC machine.

Oak Gazebos

Our range of oak framed gazebos and other outdoor structures make an attractive addition to any garden. Individually constructed from solid Green Oak, these sturdy structures are built to last. The French Oak that we use for our gazebos is high quality and particularly suited to outdoor use as it is strong and durable.

It is advised that these fresh sawn oak structures are constructed by professionals such as timber framers or carpenters, as knowledge of draw-pegged mortise and tenon construction is required to ensure that the structures are correctly assembled.

Browse our range of off the shelf designs, available to order online from Timbersource in a range of sizes. If you are looking for a custom design then get in touch with us to find out how we can create a bespoke gazebo structure to meet your exact requirements. Our expert team and machining facilities mean that we can provide truly custom structures made to order.

Oak Garage Ports

We offer a variety of outdoor framed structures available for you to order from our website including garage ports. These stunning structures offer a high quality appearance and are made with expert craftsmanship. Constructed from fresh sawn French Oak, you can select from a range of structures when ordering your desired garage port. Choose the number of car bays you want, from 1 up to 3, and select your preferred roof style - we have gable end and full hip designs, both available with or without catslide to suit your requirements.

The garage ports are made from French Green Oak and are machined using high precision CNC machines to your exact measurements. Use our cutting list to select your desired oak frame structure and to complete your order.

We would advise that these structures are assembled soon after ordering, and we recommend employing professional timber framers or carpenters to construct the garage port as they will need to be experienced in draw-pegged mortise and tenon construction.

Oak Pergolas

Newly available to order direct from the Timbersource website, our pergolas are made from solid oak and offer excellent value. Oak pergolas provide a beautiful focal point in any garden and are perfect for climbing plants. Browse our range of pergola structures below, with a range of sizes and designs to choose from to suit all requirements. The sturdy oak structures are made using the highest quality Green Oak sourced from France and cut to precise size using a CNC machine for a perfect finish.

As well as our range of standard pergola designs, we can also provide custom oak structures. Get in touch with us to order your bespoke design. When ordering please be advised that as these products are made to order they can take up to 6 weeks to reach you.

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