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North American Douglas Fir Timber Cut to Size 

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North American Douglas Fir is a strong, versatile softwood available in a range of sizes. Useful for a wide variety of projects from cladding to joinery, North American Douglas Fir can sport a characteristic ‘tiger stripe’ pattern in a mix of yellow, orange and red. Order cut to size North American Douglas Fir smooth planed squared edge.

Location: Exterior, Interior | Best for: Cladding, Garden Structures, Gates, Joinery, Furniture, Panelling, Windows | Density: Low | Good for painting: Yes


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Cut to Size / Planed North American Douglas Fir Timber 

North American Douglas fir is an extremely popular and well-known softwood that is sought-after for both its strength and versatility. Sourced from North America and Europe, this wood is normally imported in grade 2 or 3, resulting a small knot-content. When ordering American Douglas fir timber cut to size from Timbersource, you will be able to select from kiln-dried thicknesses of 1", 1½", 2", 2½", 3", and 4", widths of around 4”-12”, and lengths of around 7’– 16’.

Ordering North American Douglas Fir Timber 

Ordering North American Douglas fir timber from Timbersource is perfect for those requiring a wood which machines well, turns well, and is satisfactory for nailing, screwing and gluing. It also takes both stains and varnishes easily, although the same cannot be said for paint. If you are planning to use North American Douglas Fir for doors or frames, due to grain considerations please contact us before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions about North American Douglas Fir Timber 

What is Douglas Fir used for?

North American Douglas Fir is used for joinery exterior and interior, cladding, structural use, flooring, construction and much more. Thicknesses kiln dried are 26mm, 38mm, 51mm, 63mm, 76mm and 102mm. Widths in packs are random 4" - 12", lengths mainly 7' - 16' but can be longer. 

How strong and durable is Douglas Fir?

North American Douglas Fir is compared with European Redwood, it is some 60 per cent stiffer, 40 per cent harder and more resistant to suddenly applied to loads, and 30 per cent stronger in bending and in compression along the grain.

North American Douglas Fir is moderately durable and is slightly durable (homegrown timber). The heartwood and sapwood are both permeable. It is moderately resistant to decay. 

What are the physical properties of Douglas Fir?

North American Douglas Fir is extremely difficult to treat, and the sapwood is difficult. It has good overall strength, is very stiff, has low shock resistance and is stable.

What is a good softwood for exterior structures?

North American Douglas Fir is a very durable softwood that is relatively clear of knots compared to its British equivalent and is very strong for external structural joinery. It has a lovely pinkish colour and can be used for beams in out buildings and a great alternative to cedar for cladding.

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North American Douglas Fir Tips

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