European Oak Timber Cladding 

Transform your wall space with this timeless classic hardwood timber cladding. European Oak is renowned for being fantastically durable in wet conditions and provides a traditional classic look for building elevations. Its dense course grain and toughness makes it resiliant to wet weather. The appeal with European Oak is that it is light but rich in colour and versatile with a multitude of traditional building materials such as stone. When exposed to long spells of UV it will silver down naturally to create a stylish grey look. We have a variety of decorative profiles for exterior cladding designed to allow for water run off. These profiles are cleverly designed to not only lock together for durability but are weatherproof . Perfectly engineered for the aesthetic and installation, these cladding boards are the perfect way to cover large elevations in a natural solid timber effect.

Vertical and Horizontal Cladding Options


Staggered T&G Cladding


Halflap Shadow Gap Cladding


45 Degree Halflap Cladding


Shiplap T&G Cladding


TGV Matchboard Cladding


Shadow Gap T&G Cladding


T&G Cladding


Beaded T&G Cladding


Halflap Cladding with V

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European Oak cladding

Timbersource sell a variety of profile options great for cladded elevations. Explore the range to see which ones work best for your desired look or function. Wooden cladding boards come in a range of different hardwood or softwood options made to order cut to your specific lengths. If you need help calculating how many boards you need you can contact our helpful sales team who will be able to take your elevation sizes or square meterage and work out how many pieces you would need. Contact us now more project guidance and prices.